"The thing I like most about Club 24 are the fantastic staff they have. They make me feel like I am important to them whenever I come to the gym. They take the time to talk to me about any questions that I have and show me what I need to do without making me feel like I am bothering them. I had that experience at the gym I used before."

Debbie T.



Friendly, warm, inviting, team members.  Our team is chosen based on this value.  How can we make you, our member, feel special and appreciated?

Clean clubs are everything.  Our team members are crazy about cleaning.  We work tirelessly to keep our facilities as clean as possible even during the busiest of times.  We constantly update our cleaning schedules and systems to be sure we can exceed your expectations.

Equipment that works.  What good is it to have tons of equipment if most of it doesn't work?  Our equipment breaks just like every other club but we have a computerized system and a rapid response team to be sure we can get everything fixed as quickly as possible so the equipment you want to use is ready for you always!

Results for you!  You joined to get results.  Nothing else really matters to you.  We continually communicate with clubs all over the country to find the best, most effective workouts and programs to get you results fast. 

We are in this together.  With our fast track success pack, you will start off with 2 personal training sessions, Vitabot nutrition coaching, class schedule recommendations plus, up to 12 months worth of workouts that you can follow each day!    Remember, you are the hero in our story, so we are with you on your journey!
Not the same old cookie-cutter classes here.  Along with Zumba and Yoga, we offer our specialty classes developed exclusively by our certified personal trainers.  That's right, certified personal trainers teaching classes.  Tons of variety and a rotating schedule between clubs means you will never get bored and you will get results fast!

"The NM Club 24 is a reinvigorating facility that provides excellent opportunities to participate in multiple types of exercises. Upon first entry, one notices how well-lit, clean and outfitted the environment is for a great workout. The front-desk administrative staff members, particularly Mariah and Kristen are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful which helps set the tone for a good experience. The facility provides several forms of audio-visual entertainment for the cardiovascular equipment which seems to make those exercises easier and more enjoyable. A wide array of strength training provisions can be found throughout the Club obviating the need to wait for any equipment, and several exercise classes, programs, and yoga are also offered. A great and convenient place to exercise."

Jerry J.


Your complete solution for reaching your fitness goals, regardless of where you are starting.  Whether you have never worked out a day in your life,  it’s been a few years since you have been to the gym, or you simply want to reach your goals faster, we have a solution for you.  We understand changing your lifestyle and working out can be confusing and difficult, but we are here to tell you, you can do it.  Our certified personal trainers will get you on the fastest, most efficient path to success.

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"I think that this is a great gym, the staff is so very helpful. I think the gym has everything I could need and I love the women's only room. I feel very comfortable. Very happy I found this gym!"

Lisamarie F.

"The staff is very friendly. Greet you when you come in, say goodbye when you leave. The facility is exceptionally clean. There are always available machines at all hours. Love the Movie Theater Room with the cardio machines. Have only been going for a short time. I hate sweating and going to the gym, but this place makes it worth the experience."

Richard B.


We have so much to offer that we couldn't list everything on one page.  Whether you are looking for group classes, nutrition, member reviews, Club 24 apparel, or a career change, you can click on one of the boxes below to get more information on how to live your best life!


"I was strongly encouraged by a doctor to lose a significant amount of weight and started at club 24 in Torrington. I was very nervous and figured I would feel very out of place. I had a lot of questions and all of them were answered! They even let me know about this starter pack to meet with a trainer to help me make a plan!! I can't wait!"

Ashley H.


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"The Wallingford gym is very clean, the machines have a good layout, there is a nice area where movies are played and I especially enjoy the woman’s section. My current work out takes about an hour and I have never had to wait for any machines."

Jessica B.



We do our best every day to exceed your expectations and motivate you to live your best life.   Our team is here to answer your questions and learn from your feedback.

Do you have a question?   How about a concern or a suggestion?   This is the place to let us know.  Our corporate team will respond within 24 hours.


For membership cancellations please stop by the front desk and fill out a quick cancellation form.   If you can't make it to the club, please drop a request in the mail via certified mail requesting cancellation.


When looking for a gym or fitness center, we want Club 24 Concept Gyms to be your first choice whether you are looking for a gym close to home or a gym close to work.  That is why we design our gyms with you in mind.   From the team we cultivate to the equipment we choose, everything is done to exceed your expectations.   We are sure you will find our gyms to be the cleanest and friendliest gyms in Connecticut.   Just click on gyms near me above to find the location closest to your home or work.  Or simply fill out the free trial link above to try us free for one full week!

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