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Our training philosophy was specifically developed to enhance the amazing natural effect we call Afterburn.  Afterburn, known in the scientific community as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), is an effect caused by the body’s continued need for oxygen after specific types of training.

Once you’ve finished certain types of exercise your body's calorie burning is just getting started.  It must replenish its energy sources, re-oxygenate your blood, return breathing rates to pre-exercise levels, among other tasks.  To accomplish all of this and return back to its normal state, your body must consume energy, and conveniently, that energy comes directly from you.  This means you will continue to burn an increased number of calories for many hours after your workout.  

We follow this protocol where appropriate so that you can get a better, quicker and more enjoyable workout each time you come to our gyms.  In most cases a truly effective program can be completed in only 30 minutes.  Scroll down to see how you can develop a better, more specific routine.  The best part is some of these programs are already included in your membership.

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For those who know what they want and are ready to go and get it.

Our signature experience.  Work one on one with our certified coaches to make sure every minute of your time spent in the gym is perfect.  Stop guessing and going through the motions.  Get in, get a perfect workout, and get on with your day.  Let us do all the hard work!  Ask a team member how you can set up a complimentary session.  OR CLICK ON THE CONTACT LINK ABOVE FOR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.


For some this is even more appealing than one on one training.  Our H.Y.P.E. S.G.T. system is a heart rate based program combining specific intervals of functional strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.   The group dynamic adds so much to the workout.  We find that our Small Group Training clients are our most successful and get results quicker than most other members.    

Ask a team member how you can set up a complimentary session.  OR CLICK ON THE CONTACT LINK ABOVE FOR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.

Zumba Class


Group exercise classes come in many shapes and sizes so that are great for those of different shapes and sizes.  From beginners to group x veterans we have classes that will fit your style.   Come work out in a fun, motivating and challenging environment. Working out in a group setting helps keep you motivated and accountable to your workouts. From Yoga and Zumba to our signature REDLINE system, you are sure to find many classes that fit your level and are a perfect compliment to your routine!  Click the link below to learn more and see our class schedules.


Developed in partnership with NASA and brought to you by Club 24!  Our Vitabot healthy eating app is the easiest and most effective nutrition system we have found.  What is so special about the system is that there are no special diets to follow.  No special supplements to take, and no guessing.  Using this app just a few times per month will give you a lifetime of knowledge about your specific nutritional habits and what if any changes need to be made.  

We understand how confusion nutrition can be.  Vitabot will actually teach you how to set up a plan that works for you.  By using this app, you will now gain the power to make the best decisions based on your goals!

Preparing Healthy Food
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This section has been set up for our clients.  Below you will find links to daily workouts and demonstration links for hundreds of exercises.  Be sure to check with your trainer so see which ones are a fit your your program.

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