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The Best weight Loss Tip Ever

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Today we will give the number one weight loss tip of all time!

Stop drinking your calories...

Yes, it really is that simple. If you cut out calorie containing drinks altogether you will save a ton of calories every day. Think about it. What do you drink each day? Even some things that you might consider healthy like fruit juice will do more harm than good in a weight loss plan.

Here is a typical days worth of drinks for the average person.

Cup of coffee with milk and even a bit of sugar: If you are making this at home you are looking at about 80 to 100 calories from the milk and sugar. If this is the drive thru at Dunkin you could probably double that number.

Glass of fruit juice: 120 to 160 calories... This may seem like a good idea but skip it and have the fruit instead. You will get more nutrients from the whole food with fewer calories. Plus it is much more filling and satisfying.

Soda with lunch: 160 to 200 calories... Nothing good can be said about this but we are probably all doing it and not even realizing it.

Another cup of coffee: Most people have at least two per day. See above for caloric range.

Just with these few drinks alone you are looking at about 500 to 700 calories and most of us are doing this every day without even thinking about it.

So what to drink? Learn to love ice cold water. Still need your caffeine fix? Try your coffee black or at least cut back on how much you are adding to it. Don't let Dunkin Donuts do the mixing for you. Try unsweetened iced tea. The bottom line is when you drink something, it is generally done pretty quickly and without even thinking. How long does it take you to eat an apple? How long does it take you drink a small glass of apple juice? The apple has fewer calories, is way more nutritious, is more satisfying, and lasts a lot longer. Think about this the next time you crack open a soda...


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