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How to get Great Abs

Do you know that the secret to great abs may be this amazing cardio workout? Now you may ask yourself how is a cardio workout going to improve my abs? Well, when someone tells us they want to improve their abs they are not saying they want to lift heavy objects with their stomachs, they are saying they want a leaner look. All that means is they want to remove the fat that is covering the muscle. Face it, your abs are already there. Some of us just have a few extra layers on top of them. That's where this cardio workout comes in.

This special workout is not for those of you who are new to exercise. Although it may seem easy on paper, it is extremely difficult if done correctly.

Here it is...

This can be done on a treadmill or even outside with a timer.

After a minimum of 5 minutes of warm up

Step 1: Run a 20 second sprint. We mean as fast as you can. (Like you are being chased by a crazy ex with an axe.)

Step 2: Return to a resting level for 1 minute. This would be a very slow walk on a treadmill or simply walking back to where you began if outside.

Step 3: Repeat this series 30 times. (Yes we said 30.)

This is an extremely effective interval training program designed to burn a ton of calories, but better yet keep you burning calories long after you finish. That is the key to long term success.

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