We are happy to announce that all locations will finally reopen on June 17th.    On this first day we will open all locations at 9AM.    We will operate in this first phase of opening on an altered club schedule.    All locations will operate during the week from 5AM 10PM and on weekends from 7AM to 6PM.    This will allow additional time for some of the new sanitizing procedures we have in place.    We expect to return to normal hours in the next few weeks as we progress into the next phase.  We will also open without group exercise classes for the first few weeks.  Group classes will return during the first week of July.     We will also at that time be introducing an all new group exercise program.




We began planning for our reopening back in early April, so some of the procedures we will now have in place may seem like overkill based on some of the newest findings.    With that in mind, we will open with all procedures staying in place and will adapt accordingly.    New information coming out daily seems to suggest that the virus does not live for extended periods on solid surfaces or that asymptomatic individuals may not spread the virus like once thought.    With new information coming out daily, we feel it is always better to be safe than sorry.    Even if some of our procedures  seem a bit overly cautious, we will be making   decisions    based on the latest information from the CDC and the state of Connecticut.


-All staff members will have temperature & wellness checks before    each shift.

-We have Nanoseptic sleeves on all door handles inside & out.    These are continuously self cleaning sleeves designed for high touch handles.

-We will be cash free during this first phase of opening.    All purchases will be done with a card on file.

-Locker rooms will be open but every other locker will be non usable.

-Water fountains will be out of order.

-As of 11/23/20 masks will be required by all members in all areas of all locations.  This is a new requirement mandated by the state of Connecticut.

-We will deep clean all equipment with an Air X disinfecting system twice daily.

-Our H.Y.P.E. small group personal training will be reduced to 4 clients per session from 8 during this phase.

-All members will have their own individual disinfecting spray bottle while in the club.    When checking in, grab a bottle at    the front desk and return it at the end of your workout.  The bottle will then be fully sanitized by our team and put back into the rotation.    This will ensure that all members are cleaning equipment always.

-Please follow all social distancing measures and signage.

-A portable hand washing sink will be located on the fitness floor.    Hand washing  still is the best line of defense.

-All Les Mills online streaming workouts will continue through June 30th.

-If you feel sick, have a fever or difficulty breathing or in the last 2 weeks have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, please stay home.

-Be courteous to fellow members and allow for proper social distancing when accessing or using equipment.

-Although we will open on June 17th, as a courtesy to our members, membership billing will not begin until July 1.    We want to give all members a chance to get back into their workout routine before membership payments commence.    While all member billing will resume in July, it will not all occur on July 1.    Your billing will simply resume on your normal July bill date.  

-Based on social distancing needs, some equipment has been placed out of order.    We will open with every third piece of cardio equipment operational.    On our strength floor areas may be boxed off where only one member may enter at a time.

-Nearly all strength equipment will be operational but please be aware of floor signage.    If two machines are together, only one member at a time will be allowed inside the taped area.

-Members with guest privileges will still be allowed to bring guests with the same guidelines as before.

If you were scheduled to be charged your Club Enhancement Fee while we were closed for COVID-19 and you were not charged due to our billing freeze, you will be charged for your Club Enhancement Fee on JULY 15, 2020.  We have made a substantial investment into increased cleaning equipment and procedures to prepare for re-opening.  Charging this fee is essential to ensure we are able to continue to operate safely and provide the disinfecting that we feel is necessary to meet and exceed Federal, State, and Local guidelines.  Please remember that most gyms in America charged this to their members during the closure even if the billing was frozen, as this is a separate fee.  We chose to not charge anything during this time and delay the Club Enhancement Fee until July.