Although we hate to see you go, we do want to make cancelling your membership as easy as can be.  Before you cancel please consider a few things.  Exercise is not optional if you want to live your best life.  Although this may seem like a bold statement, it is simply fact.  If you are not exercising correctly and consistently, you are not living anywhere near your potential.  At this point 42 percent of Americans are classified as clinically obese.  This is the biggest health crisis in our country and it can be reversed with exercise.  If you are canceling because you don't think you have time, we have classes and workouts that can be done in less than 30 minutes.  If you are moving away, we completely understand.  If you let us know where you are moving to, we can most likely help you with a great gym recommendation to keep you exercising.


Not getting results. (We can help.  Just ask us about setting up a complimentary personal training session to get a quick tune up.)

Bored of your routine.  (Same as above)

Not sure what to do at the gym.  (Same as above)

Don't have time.  ( Come on!  We get that everyone is busy but this is your life we are talking about.  We can help you set up a workout plan that will keep you healthy and take 30 minutes or less to complete.)

Moving away.  (Ask us about a recommendation for a gym in your new area.  The most important thing is for you to keep on a plan.)


Wait, if you are cancelling because of fears from COVID, we now offer a Flex Freeze program for only 75 cents per week.  This way you can hold on to your same discounted rate and not have to worry about any enrollment fees or new agreements when you join again.  This is less than a cup of bad coffee a month.  


1.)  Please fill in ALL of the information below and please make sure to use the email address you used when joining.

2.)  Our club manager will review your request and respond with your cancellation confirmation or any additional information that is needed.

3.) Please remember, we do require a thirty day notice when canceling.  You will be responsible for all payments due during that notice.  Of course you will still have full access to the club during this notice period.