Here is our membership cancellation portal.  We want to make cancelling your membership  as easy as joining,  so all you will need to do is fill in the form below.  We know some of our competitors like to make you drive to the gym and find the one employee with the keys to the secret room where they keep the cancel forms but that's just not our way.    We understand that from time to time things come up and you need to cancel your membership.  We find that if we make that easy for you, you will be likely to return to us the future.  Wouldn't it be nice if all gyms were like that?
1.)  Fill in ALL of the information on the form below.  We need the name on your account and the email address you gave when signing up.  We also need to know the club location where you originally signed up.
2.)  Our team will review your request.  In order to cancel you will need to have reached the end of your agreement term.  If you have not, we also have an option for a discounted courtesy buyout.
3.) Remember, we also have a Flex Freeze program that may work better for you if you  are just cancelling because you will be away for a short period of time.
4.)  All memberships require a 30 day notice.  Of course you will still have FULL club access during this notice period.
Your membership is not cancelled until you receive a confirmation code back from us.  That is your record of cancellation.  You will always receive a response on your cancellation within 24 hours.  In many cases, it will be much sooner than that.